Cedar Tree Advisory Service

The Cedar Tree Advisory Service owes its name to its founder Tom Kiedrowski. Kedros (κέδρος) is the Greek word for cedar.

At the time of the Third Crusade in the 12th Century, a knight was resting in the shade of a cedar tree in Lebanon. A hungry lion searching for food spotted the knight and began to stalk him.

A young squire instinctively, without regard for own safety, picked up the sleeping knight’s lance and thrust it into the charging lion, killing it dead instantly.

In appreciation for saving his life and for his courageous action, the knight recommended and approved young squire’s knighthood.

On return to his homeland, the new knight, von Kedros, was given a plot of land (approximately 10,000 acres) under the regency of the Duke of Pomerelia, Sambor I, as payment for his services in the crusade. It’s from here that the town of Kiedrowice was founded in what is today modern Poland and from where all Kiedrowskis originate.